Delivering software solutions in medical research

What we offer:

  • Electronic Diary: data capture solution for participants.
  • Software development and delivery for clinical research needs.
  • Clinical research consultancy in data management and
    information systems.
  • OpenClinica hosting.
  • Software solutions hosting.
  • ... and more.


Cloud based

Electronic Diary is a cloud based solution, offering easy access to the data.


Get insights to your study with real time analytics.


Flexable email notifications. Remind participant to complete the diary. Event notifications for staff members (i.e. if participant's temperature is high, system can send an email notification to the study team).

Fully mobile and tablet compatible

Responsive design delivers fantastic usability on all mobile devices as well as laptops and PCs.

Automated workflows

Trigger action based on particular event (i.e. elegant popup window informing participant about emegrancy contact number, if recorded body temperature is above specified value).

Full audit trail

View, compare and restore diary revisions

Globaly distributed datacenters

To comply with local regulations, you can choose where your data is stored (UK, EU, USA, Asia and more!).

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